About Us

Our Pledge

The quality of the company determines the quality of the service you receive. Choose the right company and you will get professional, hassle-free, friendly  service. Choose the wrong company and . . . well . . . you know the rest.  At AA Pool Services our #1 priority is to ensure that you, the customer,  receive the highest quality and friendly  experience!

As important as it is for you to know us, it is also important for us to know you,  so we can establish a good long term relationship.

We appreciate your interest in our company!


Our People

We know that our company is only as good as the people we have working with us.  We are very proud of our team of service professionals.  We operate with a strong   sense of teamwork and pride in a job well done.

We carefully select those who we choose to be on our team.  We only have solid team players with an exceptional work ethic and strong respect for the customer.


Our Objectives

  • Our goal is to be the leading pool supply company in the downtown area.
  • Our goal is to provide all the service and supplies that the owner of an existing pool will ever need.
  • We, at AA Pools want to be known as the company that does the job the  right way the first time and with no needless delays or horror stories.


We want to excel in these areas:

  • Our success is not measured by the size of our company, but by the size of our reputation, by the consistent quality of our service and by our ability to attract and develop top notch personnel.
  • As we are successful in attracting and developing quality team members, we will  also be successful in developing a top notch pool service and supply company.
  •  We also want to give you the most hassle free professional refinishing and  redesigning experience that we can. Our long term goal is to have a customer service center and retail operation that you will want to tell everyone you know about.


  • Location

    821 Northwest 45th Street
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
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  • Services

    • Cleaning
    • Restoration
    • Pump Repair
    • Tile Repair
    • Water BAlance
  • Hours of Service

    Monday - Friday
    8AM - 4PM
    8AM - 12PM
  • Contact Us

    Ph. (954) 351-3252

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